Trnečka Smoked Fish

Traditionally smoked fish made in Brno

With love to craft

Personal experience

We are small family business based on love and respect to fish and we are building our business on personal experience with fish smoking and fish processing from North.

100 % handmade

We smoke small batches of fish to make sure every filet that goes through our hands gets exactly what it deserves.

Tradition and originality

We follow traditional way of cold smoking, but we add a bit of our own originality to every fillet. 

Determination and authenticity

We have learned the craft of smoking from small, yet very well known, producers of cold smoked trouts in Iceland, where we took care of smooth running of the smokehouse and focused on high quality. This experience from north, traditional way of smoking and fair approach of small family business to responsible production impacted us so deeply, that we decided to build up our own smokehouse.

Trnečka Smoked Fish follows up the heritage of traditional way of smoking fish by cold smoke and returns to fair small handmade production instead of huge mechanized mass production. Thanks to that, each and every filet gets the best care possible. 

Thanks to our experience, personal contact with a process of production and continuous improvement of rare skills of smoking, we are able to bring a fine combination of north tradition, authenticity and gastronomic experience to your table.

Locality and sustainability

We only cooperate small fish farms and ecological farmers, who breed fish with lower density and provide more reasonable feeding. This approach guarantees, that we only smoke healthy and high quality fish with beautiful meat structure, natural coloring and excellent taste.

Every fish that goes to our smokehouse goes through experienced hands of Standa Trnečka, who, together with small team, transforms raw fish into delicious smoked fish.

Intuition and integrity

The whole production process, from fish farming through their processing to expedition to final customers is hand made and is being done with maximum utmost care.

The most significant indicator of quality of smoked fish - and on which great emphasis is placed in our smokehouse - is preserving the freshness, texture and fullness of taste of each fillet. And so every step of production is carefully taken care of.

As soon as fillets are cured into salt or other marinade, the smoking process begins, time slows down and calm prevails. After curing, fillets are stored in small batches in a smokehouse and undergo a quiet and slow transformation. Smoking lasts as long as needed. Properly smoked fillet becomes leaner, is full of flavor and its structure and natural quality are preserved.

Fine thin slice cut through the meat to the fish skin is the result of long long process, that is worth the wait..

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Trnečka Smoked Fish s.r.o.

Pekařská 422/42

602 00 Brno

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Stanislav Trnečka

+ 420 774 561 638

Klára Trnečková

+ 420 737 463 543

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