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Tradition and craft

Fish processing is one of the oldest and most beautiful craft in the world and has always been an important source of livelihood for mankind. Fish used to be the main source of food - especially in Nordic countries - and people had known very well that fish were (and still is!) a valuable source of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. So that is why they learned how to farm and preserve surplus fish even for the winter time by using cold smoking.

On the other hand, smoking by a hot smoke is favourite way of preserving fish in middle Europe and is very famous delicacy in Czech. That is why we are also offering hot smoked fish.

The result of smoking process is not only typical, but also very very tasty way of conservating the fish. 

Our smokehouse

Our smokehouse was designed to smoke smaller batches of fish, so we could pay attention to each fillet that undergoes the smoking transformation. The smoke is produced by an external generator and allows us to perfectly control the amount and proper temperature of the smoke. When smoking by the cold smoke, the temperature never exceeds 25 °C - hence the name of this method of smoking. When smoking by the hot smoke, the temperature never exceeds 65 °C.

By curing fillets in salt or other marinade, the process of smoking begins. After curing, the fillets are washed, dried and placed on racks that travel straight to the smokehouse. Than fillets undergo a quiet and long transformation. The smoke dissipates, flavor of the wood and marinade is being absorbed and the structure of fish meat becomes slimmer and fragile. 

Thanks to this method and our special care, the finest and tastiest smoked products with a perfect structure and rich flavor can be created.

What we smoke on

The choice of wood has a major impact on the taste of the final product. Beech wood chips are mainly used for smoking and emphasize the natural taste and tenderness of a fresh fish. Beech gives the fish a specific smell and a delicate smoky aroma.

On the other hand, some of our special marinades need a wood, that adds a stronger smoky aroma or more sweetness. In that case, we use alder wood chips or apple wood chips.

The time matters

Last few decades had been full of hurry and rush and we are used to having food on table within a few minutes these days. But we know, that exceptional things take time, and although (epsecially) cold smoking process is time and technology consuming, nothing compares to the outcome of this particular process. Our production does not follow recommended time intervals or preset computer programs. The whole smoking process is based on intuition, personal evaluation of all input factors and close connection with production process. Each batch of fish is simply different and therefore each needs its own specific time.

Thanks to personal experience, respect that we keep for input raw materials and individual approach to each smoke, a unique product is created. A product, that has not been introduced in Czech market never before, and of which - on behalf of Trnečka Smoked Fish - we are very proud.

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